About Aegis Leather



My name is Lena.  I am the artist behind Aegis Leather.  I have been doing leather work in my spare time for six years.  I am a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism and have been for going on two years.  I enjoy most making pretty things like jewelry, belts, coronets, etc.  I can make armor as well but I do not enjoy it as much as some other things.  I also enjoy sewing, embroidery, nalbinding, heavy weapons combat, falconry, playing my harp, and teaching classes.  This blog will hopefully include tutorials, videos, and images of how I am doing my various projects and my end results.  My day job is as a Medical Technologist at a local hospital so I enjoy my home time expressing my creativity.

I have an etsy shop: Aegis Leather Crafts

and a Facebook page: Aegis Leather


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