Custom Leather Belt Orders

Hand sewn leather belts made from drum-dyed (so the dye goes all the way through the leather) U.S. leather from Herman Oak Tannery in St. Louis, MO.  Belts are and hand sewn with strong braided nylon thread, hand edged, finished with several coats of Carnauba Cream, and buffed to a shiny finish.


Color Options:  Brown or Black

End Shape: Pointy or rounded

Buckle Options:  Either sewn in buckle or a snap closure for interchangeable buckles

Standard roller buckle – Silver or Bronze        4-175108.SLC.jpg

Dress Buckle – Silver or Bronze or Black       115-166112.SLC.jpg

Basically any buckle on either Springfield Leather‘s site ( (subject to price increases)

OR Tandy Leather‘s site ( (subject to price increases)

Length:  Lengths greater than 52″ are subject to a $5 price increase

Method 1:   Measure your favorite belt:

belt size.jpg

Method 2:  Measure your waist around the belt loops of your pants:


Width and prices:  Choose a width –

1/2″ – $45

1″ – $50

1.25″ – $50

1.5″ – $50

2″ – $55

Please email me at to request commissions.

Information I need in the email –


End Shape: 

Buckle Style and color:



I will reply with a confirmation, price and shipping, and request for payment.  All payments are due in advance so I can purchase the supplies and ensure your delivery.  I take cash or paypal or you can purchase off of etsy.  Shipping will be determined on a case by case basis.




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